Sticky header isn't sticking!

I am on the last step of my portfolio project and cannot get my header to stick throughout the entire project. It will stick in the first section and then stop. I tried to google reasons to troubleshoot it and it seemed very diverse and complicated. I was hoping someone could take a look and help me troubleshoot this.

I am still not finished with my page, just trying to get this figured out before I fixed the rest of the little things. Thank you!

Here is the link to my codepen, thank you very much!


try z-index for the style of your nav bar.

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Your nav-bar scrolls after the first section because you’ve made it a child of that <section> element.

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I just figured it out! I spent over ten hours on this and get the problem right after I post -FacePalm-!!! I put it in a div container above the section element and put the z-index on. Now it is working. Thank you for the replies you two!