Streaming on Twitch?

So if I wanted to stream freecodecamp exercises on Twitch, would this be allowed? Does anyone else do this? I don’t know if I should ask this question on the Twitch reddit or here. Any info would be grateful, thanks!

Twitch is mainly for gaming. Don’t know if you are allow. Better off doing YouTube videos since watching people code isn’t exactly very exciting tbh lol

Unless, you have me on it to do small chit chat :wink:

Well Twitch has a Creative channel that have communities for things other than gaming like programming, painting, drawing, etc. I just heard through someone that Twitch doesn’t allow streaming learning exercises on Twitch but I thought I might ask here.

Yeah, people do it all the time. There are Twitch streamers and Youtubers who broadcast themselves finishing projects, some of them giving tutorials. As far as FCC’s policy, there’s nothing saying you can’t stream. Twitch’s own FAQ says you can stream yourself programming. I think their concern is that some people may be streaming themselves using software that’s under a very restrictive license, and publicly broadcasting its use could land everyone in hot water :tea:, so Twitch just likes to make sure everyone knows they can shut you down if they don’t like what you’re doing.

Personally, I think streaming the FCC exercises and projects encourages people to be lazy and copy from each other. I’d rather see folks making original projects they thought of themselves, but even if I wrote the policy I wouldn’t stop anyone from streaming.


Thank you for the response. I already stream on Twitch personally and streaming programming is something I wanted to do for a bit now. I just think streaming and doing the exercises that way will help me code everyday or at least try to code everyday even for 15 mins.


Hi Aurelila,

Yes - this is not only allowed - it’s actively encouraged:


I wanna ask you something else, I don’t know coding yet and I wanna learn. However, I am also streaming on Twitch some games etc. Can I use your certification curriculum exercises on Twitch stream. I think Twitch would support this but, first I need to take your permission. Cause, the copyrights on those lessons. And this is the example lesson to better explanation:

Can I stream those lectural exercises on Twitch?

look at the post above yours for an answer

Do you mean Quincy Larsson’s answer? So I can stream… Right?

read the post, read the article, and you have your answer - from the creator of FreeCodeCamp, even!