Struggling to properly implement designs to my pages

So I can easily create the markup for a site but I struggle to animate it and even make it look better:
Take for example the first project:

I have about 3 ideas in mind to actually look beautiful and satisfying and it is a very simple page to design but I couldn’t implement what I had in mind.
What could I be doing wrong?

Do you have something specific in mind you want to achieve and need help with? We can’t know what you have tried or wanted but didn’t manage to do.

Take this site for example

The scrolling animations on that

And this one as well

Maybe start by picking something a little closer to your current skill level, otherwise you will likely get very frustrated trying to do things that are too difficult.

There are sites like codrops which has a bunch of cool stuff to learn from.

As for the scroll animations there are also libraries to help you get some of that.

Look at youtube for some tutorials

Check out
For design inspiration:,

Thank you sooo much
These are all great resources :slight_smile:

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I realize this is an old topic but it was all I could find. Are there any sources about how to go from UI design to html/css/javascript like you learn here on freecodecamp? I know how to make my own websites now with react/vue using component frameworks, but getting a website to look like a design (from dribbble/figma for example) is something else for me.

Edit: this guy for example does it very smooth, would love to learn how to do this. (For example: a customer hires a designer, makes a design, then wants me to build it using React/scss)