Need tips for a good portfolio

Hey guys , whatsupp!

I am here for some tips on my portfolio of sites.
I believe my HTML/CSS/JS skills (I am reading up YDKJS) are fine, if not good and I am looking for someone who can show me some path on being better at my shitty design skills.

I know it’s bad, and all blame goes to the design. I want to improve them, as I ain’t posting that on a proposal for a freelance project - Nobody’s gonna hire me!

I think Codeschool has a fundamentals of design class…I haven’t taken it, but their courses are usually quite good.

Read about color theory, just enough so you can understand what is a horrible color palette, look for an online palette picker and learn how to use it.

Whenever you’re about to do a project, research, look for really great projects that are similar to what you’re trying to do, then use their design decisions into your projects, try to understand what makes them so appealing to you. After a while you develop your own style, but don’t expect to have intuition out of the box.