My Personal Portfolio [feedback please]

I’ve just finished my portfolio. feedback please…

I like it! It needs work , work some more with css and look for spelling errors. Other than that its a beautiful design! Work on a more modern looking portfolio site. The heading doesn’t need say “My portfolio”. I think your design is very nice. Your profile picture is unique too , looking out at the ocean.

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thanks for your feedback

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Hey !

I really don’t want to be harsh but if you want to be a great this is not close to what you want at all!

YOU WILL BECOME A GREAT DEVELOPPER but you just need to put in the time, patience, learning and also look for what level you need to achieve but don’t try to rush everything!
One more thing is, in my opinion (and I think this is the truth for everyone too according to what I know and I’ve seen), to make a good looking frontend projects you need a designer, now, you are learning so why have a designer? WHEN YOU CAN BECOME THE DESIGNER AND THE FRONTEND DEVELOPPER :smiley: . I am a beginner but I aspire to be frontend and UI/Web designer because those 2 work very well together. People at companies like treehouse for example like to hire frontend that are also designers!

Good success, NEVER SURRENDER like I used to,

  • Tech.

P.S Here are some examples of how well you want to be able to build page with HTML, CSS, JS excluding the backend parts of some of those portfolios/landing pages:

thank you so much for giving me these links.

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