What can I do to make my portfolio more marketable?

After having completed a number of react project, I feel that it might be time to start looking for a coding job.
I have gathered my portfolio of projects here https://codepen.io/collection/negZgK/ at the moment I am looking for pointers on how to polish these projects.

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Good Job on making those projects functional!

Next step would be to make them presentable and really work on design. I would put some effort in the way they look and feel, following common design patterns, proper color palettes and basic accessibility practices. I think it would go a long way if those project would be pleasing to look at, especially if you are aiming for a Front-End position. Good News - you do not need to invent design out of thin air. Draw experience from already established practices and examples that other campers shared!


Hope this helps.

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See these tips

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Plenty of times I get into forum.freecodecamp.org, I would look over @P1xt’s guides:

I went from going into the Computer Science Comprehensive version a few months back, went through a few Cohorts, but felt too much in “Student Mode”. I’m looking to freelance as I did when “Flash Development” with websites and Advertisements (those were the days). Time to work with my mind further through the “Getting Job Ready” version, for it has been updated and is something I’m looking more into as I rebuild my portfolio.