Struggling with creating ideas


Eight days ago I started to be a noobie programmer with the first FCC coding challenge, and now i’m onto the projects.

I’m simply struggling to come up with ideas to code. I stumbled across Frontend Mentor. They have nice outlines - skeleton html + full images. Upto me to fully code. I see them as good challenges.

Can I use them for my FCC projects, as long as I don’t copy anyone?

Unsure on the correct protocol for FCC etc, as I’m new to the platform.

I know I can use them for my personal porfolio, cos they are free to use.


any tips for me as a noobie.
contine to learn, and practice coding these projects etc?

Your freeCodeCamp projects have to meet all of the freeCodeCamp requirements (and pass all tests). If your project does that and you wrote all your own code, then you’re good to go. If you’re using a design from somewhere else, you should probably acknowledge that, so that someone doesn’t see a project that looks the same as others and think you’re plagiarizing.

Ah I see, and understand what your saying.
Thanks for clarifying this up for me.

Now I know I have to acknowledge i’m using a design from someone else, if I do use them for my projects.