FCC projects originality

Hello guys,

I wonder if it is okay to build exactly same websites that are given as example in the FCC projects (E.g. Tribute Page, Product Landing Page) instead of building websites that are different in style but similar in functionality.

man use your creativity , implement you own idea it helps you a lot you are here to learn and improve yourself
If you got trouble fell free to ask
you learn so many thing doing a single project man

You can put the same content in, as long as you implement it yourself and don’t just copy/paste the example page. But seriously, you can think of something original, even if it’s different colors and a bunch of Lorem ipsum text. I don’t think Dr. Borlaug needs any more tributes.

You don’t need Pulitzer Prize material, anything will do. Hell, I made mine a tribute to Eddie Murphy and filled it with nothing but the words “filth” and “flarn” (an homage to one of his standup acts).

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chances are what I make here are what i might show to my future client/employer.

of course i’d want it to be something i can show and not a template.

that’s what i believe though.