Stuck after Front-End, halp!

Hi guys an gals. I’ve finished the front end certificate in march, and haven’t been able to make it through either the data visualization of back end modules. It feels like 20 times harder.

In the case of visualization there is no clear “help” or material to learn from. And in the case of back-end I made part of the course but when I get to the projects I get trully frustrated because I don’t even know where to start from.

In any case, I started doing other courses an such but I lost this comfy feeling of “this i’m learning will help me” and once again, it gets harder and harder

pd: sorry for bad english

Have you tried the beta? It includes data vis challenges.

There are also react challenges:

I made this recently. It shows a lot of the courses I used to reach a pretty decent point in react redux.

Haven’t tried the beta, will start the data visualization part. And @DuskyPixel, I’m doing the pluralsight tutorial already, will let you know in a couple of days how I’m doing in the list