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I just finished my front end libraries module.It was time to do do my projects of front end libraries.I was very curious and excited to do them.But as soon as i saw the questions and reference of those projects that were to be built e.g random quote generator i got totally lost on how to do them.I don,t even know how to start.I guess the curicullum provided here isn’t really sufficient to do those projects.The curricullum provided here doesn’t even teach how to bulit these projects without libraries.We can learn basics of front end libraries here but there’s no way we can built these projects without knowing other concepts externally.
I am losing motivation here i don’t know what to do next.please help :disappointed_relieved:

I just learned react from the fcc curriculum and has started doing the projects using react

it is not easy, you need to back reference a lot, and also do a lot of trial and error, but it can be done

note that for the random quote machine you can just use an array with the quotes inside, you don’t need to do anything fancy

Hi @FrankY4ReaL !

A lot of people struggle to get started with the front end projects.

It took me a while to complete them (especially the last two)
My advice is to break up the project into small bite sized pieces.

First focus on getting the quotes.
As mentioned, you don’t need to fetch quotes from an api if you don’t feel comfortable yet.
An array is fine.

Then focus on how to create the random function.

If you break up into small pieces like that, then the project will seem more manageable.

Of course, if you get stuck you can come back to the forum and ask questions.

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