Stuck on jumbotrons

So theres a space between jumbotrons that i cant get rid of , ive tried .jumbotron{ margin-bottom:0px; } but doesnt work… it seems theres some other margin affecting it but i cant figure it out for the life of me.

any help would be appreciated! thank you !

remove the closing div tag directly above “second page ends here”.

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i cant believe i didnt see that… so confusing… one more question. do you happen to know how to lower the jumbotron?

i dont want it to show on the main page! thanks alot bro ! i really do appreciate it

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its no problem at all @Alexaxel98 . if you do not want the jumbotron on the main page you can simply remove it. Where are you wanting the jumbotron? Please give me a description of how you are wanting your site to look.

Also, I noticed that you have some body tags in random places, usually there should only be two body tags on your website; the opening body tag and the closing body tag. All your content that you want visible to the user viewing your website should go between the body tags.

im trying to imitate this website . notice how you have to scroll down to see the “about” jumbotron they have there. whereas mine is visible in the front page .

i went through the html part of the code and only see two body tags, the first starting at the primary container comment and ending at the first page end comment. unless theres more i didnt see?