Stuck on the portfolio challenge - FIXED/CLOSED - Thanks guys!

I’ve eventually fixed the stuff I was stuck, there are still minor things to look up, but I wanted to get the most of the assignment. Thanks again for your help guys. :wink:

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by,

Here’s my WIP fake portfolio that I’m working on :

I’m trying to match the reference from the assignment to strengthen my basics and I’m stuck on different issues :

1. When the navbar is collapsed on a narrow page, I can’t get the 3-bars-button to work and show the menu with About/Portfolio/Contact.

2. The image accompanying the presentation text doesn’t stay in the center of the page when narrowing the page like it shows on the referenced portfolio.

3. I couldn’t get to change the background color on the jumbotron’s separate containers like in the reference so I created 3 separate ones, but they’re all spaced with a gap.

The rest isn’t finished (form and links) but doesn’t sound nearly as hard as the top concerns, if any of you guys could help, that would be awesome.

I did look at the reference’s code (boooo!) but it’s obviously mega advanced and don’t want to copy something I don’t understand.

Thanks for your time and help.


Hi :slight_smile:

Because (Bootstrap documentation):

Requires JavaScript plugin
If JavaScript is disabled and the viewport is narrow enough that the navbar collapses, it will be impossible to expand the navbar and view the content within the .navbar-collapse.
The responsive navbar requires the collapse plugin to be included in your version of Bootstrap.

Cheers and happy coding


Thanks a lot Diego, I’ll dig deeper into the Bootstrap Docs.



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I went back to the Bootstrap support on the collapse article, and looked around for activating javascript (which I did in the settings) as well as activating the collapse function in the .JS window, and with trial and error I still can’t get it right. There might be something going wrong with the button’s attributes, feels like the classes are conflicting, though replacing one another would change the Navbar’s function.

Something’s missing… :confused:


Holy moly ! I was banging my head on it, so that was it ! :sweat_smile:

thanks a lot P1xt ! :+1:

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