Submitting the project with failures

Hello, I have submited my first project to you even when I had two failures in my code due to your test on Despite your tests my code is working prefectly and because of that I submited my code. Every one of your rules is taken into account and the code is aligned with them. I want to ask if it is ok from your side and with guys that will be chacking my project (if they will be).

Thank you

Your project needs to pass the freeCodeCamp test suite fully. If you submit a project that does not pass, that is in violation of academic honesty.

Luckily, the forum here is full of people who can help you figure out why your code is failing and help you fix the issues.

Are you kiding me? And what should I post here then? Three pages of code? Who in his right mind is going to look through it?

Hey there,

Ideally, Campers can use this forum by:

  • Posting important snippets of code (using Markdown formatting)
  • Posting links to GitHub repositories where all of the code is
  • Posting a link to a CodePen (most preferable for the first 3 sections of the curriculum)
  • Posting a link to wherever else their code is hosted, and providing a decent amount of detail, in order to get the help desired.

Often, what I do is:

  • What I am trying to do
  • What is actually happening
  • Snippet/s of code which I believe are important
  • Links to all of the code

Hope this clarifies

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You should post the link to your repl to make it easier for others to help you.

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OK thank you. Than I will do it that way.


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