Suggestion for a project

Hello, folks!!
Hope you all are doing well.
Would you like to have your attention for a moment.
Actually, I have been trying to come up with a project idea to build using the MERN stack, but no luck until now.
So, I would appreciate if you could give me some suggestions/ideas on what to build to add to my portfolio to attract potential employers.

Appreciate your feedback.

Hello there,

General consensus is it will be most beneficial for you to do a project you have an interest in.

Some of my first full stack projects were:

  • App that scraped sermons and allowed me to view/bookmark them. I later turned this into a mobile app with React Native
  • App making use of weather APIs and Leaflet(I think that is what it was called) for map data, and allow me to see which selected areas are most likely to have decent weather. Later, I turned this into a desktop app with Electron.
  • A web scraper to keep track of the Rand/GBP exchange rate. Again, later turned this into a desktop app using MATLAB.

I wanted all of these apps. So, I developed them into existence. If you have an similar needs/wants, then why not try.

Hope this helps


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