Suggestion: Lesson Bookmarks?

This may have come up previously, but there are a number of lessons within the road-map I often go back and try to reference. Typically I have to sift through a bunch of lessons to find the one I am looking for, which can take a while considering the number of lessons in FreeCodeCamp. The “map” feature and titles help narrow things down by subject, but there are often numerous lessons which are very similar while covering different nuances.

Is there any way to bookmark/star lessons we found particularly useful, so they are easier to find when we want to reference them? If not, I feel like this would be a great additional feature for the site. I could also bookmark them in my browser, but I feel like that could get a bit cumbersome. Having a bookmark feature within the “map” section would be extremely helpful!


I don’t think anyone has brought up this feature request. This would be a nice feature to have for learning students. However, given other priorities of freeCodeCamp, this would be fairly low priority. I’ll link this to the contributor’s chat rooms for others to comment on. Feel free to open an issue on the main freeCodeCamp repository for others to comment on as well :+1:

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