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I not sure other then here who to direct this message to. I was wondering If you all noticed a problem with the scroll bar. It is way to small, in my opinion. It is difficult to use with the mouse. I just wanted to post this to see if anyone noticed this problem using it to scroll down

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which scroll bar? I am not sure I understand what you are talking about

If it is difficult with the mouse OP may be talking about horizontal SB. I think it appears in the challenges window, or it used to. Unless mouses scroll horizontally as well. I don’t use it.

Yes I am talking about the scroll bar to the right of lessons for new class. It is very small

Can you please update the size of the scroll bar for the new responsive web develpment it is way to small. It is very difficult to even use you mouse. Also If possible can you find a way for us to be able to use our arrows to move down on page of lessons.

I am unable to use the mouse now to read the error under the code at all. It wont let me go lower to read my mistake

Can you show us a screenshot of the problem you’re facing?

How do I take a screen shot of this?

Use this if you’re using windows


or if you’re using a linux distro, just click on the prtscn

Are you referring to the scroll bar in the editor?

I just realized I was using my labtop mouse, instead of my mouse I just got. But I will say even still its quite small. you have to be very perfect of width to connect to scroll. I am talking about the scroll in middle.

Its better if @nhcarrigan takes a look at this.

Yeah, I agree that’s not great - we should fix this.

We track bugs and feature requests like this through our GitHub Issues. Would you like to create an issue for this? (If not, that’s totally fine I can write one up, just wanted to offer the option to you :purple_heart: )


This looks like an easy fix. It’s a configuration variable that is set when the editor is created. The default is actually 10px width, but we have it set to 5px width.

I’ve honestly never really been a fan of custom scrollbars.

The default is ugly, but it’s familiar - and I believe the arrow buttons are important.

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Well I was using my labtop, so it was difficult due to have to click while scrolling I found out. I do agree that it needs to be wider. Also its very touchy to click it seems you have to be in right location of the bar depending on where you are on screen also. I tried clicking and scrolling and it wouldnt work in middle then top lol

You have to have the keyboard focus in the editor (i.e. you should see the blinking cursor) in order to use the up/down arrows to scroll the instructions pane. So if your keyboard focus is on any of the buttons (such as the Check Your Code button) then the up/down arrows will not work.

My recommendation would be if you are using the keyboard primarily then use Ctrl + Enter to check your code (while the focus is in the editor) and then the focus will stay in the editor and you can scroll down with the arrow keys if you need to in order to see the results.

Also, when focus is in the editor, you can do Ctrl + m to change the behavior of the Tab key. By default the Tab key will add tabs to the line in the editor. You can change this behavior so that the Tab will take you out of the editor and to the next focusable item (which will be one of the buttons) using Ctrl + m. Basically, this keyboard shortcut works as a toggle between the two options.

Sweet. I have been exploring shortcuts slowly. Thank you for this. I really enjoy the support we all give eachother.

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