Scroll wheel size is too small

Is there any way to change the scroll wheel size so that it is larger and easier to grab and use. It is currently highly annoying in being a color that blends and being too small. I appreciate the help.

Can you be more specific about the exact scrollbar you are referring to?

the scrollbar that is beside the code you are entering

In the “(New) Responsive Web Design” part of the curriculum?

I tend to agree that it is too narrow. A narrow scrollbar does give more screen real estate which is likely the reason for it, but the UX when you actually try to grab the scrollbar isn’t that great.

Having a pointer rule (including touch devices) that expands the width of the scrollbar when it is hovered/active would be nice.

I also agree that the current scroll bar width in the editor is too narrow.

My windowing system (KDE) uses the expand on hover for scroll bars and personally I am not the biggest fan. It still makes the current scroll position very hard to see and the amount of space you gain is so minimal as to be practically useless if you ask me.

I think on mobile the saved space might be a little more worth it. But on a desktop, it isn’t really a big deal.

Having it expand might not be a solution you like, but I still think it is better than what we have now.

Most users have an alternative scroll input (scroll wheel on mouse, trackpad, or touch device).

However, this can be an issue in specific scenarios like the above. We could add a section in the settings page to change some of these (vertical scrollbar width, for starters).

I do not want to introduce UI elements on the challenge page. Keeping it in the settings with some sane defaults would be best.

Here is the code if you are interested:

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@raisedadead Great idea. I’m going to put together a PR.

Hey @Willi_B, you can now change the width of the scroll bar in the editor from the Settings page.

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