Survey(and Tribute) Feedback wanted. Easier way to do this?

I started coding last winter but had to take a break. I’m now back at it and the curriculum seems to have changed (specifically the new projects as well as flexbox and grid) so I started from the beginning again. Here are the links:

Tribute Page

I think this one was pretty straightforward (after countless hours of googling anyway) but any feedback is appreciated.

One thing I was concerned about was that I just copy and pasted this info from Wikipedia because I wanted to focus more on the coding and not the content. Do I need to add a comment or citation somewhere when doing this?

Survey Form

This one was much more involved. I knew if I tried to replicate the example page I wouldn’t end up learning much so I tried to make a grid page and used a little bit of flexbox too. I decided to make a form for someone applying to get ready to eat meals delivered to their house.

Does my use of the grid and flexbox code look good?
Was there an easier way to do this?
Do I have markup that isn’t needed or missing?
The analyze html checker brings back an error saying my textarea needs cols and rows. Are these necessary?
Does the responsiveness look good?

I used a flexbox class on the radio and checkbox buttons because the text associated with those inputs were appearing underneath them and I couldn’t get them to move up beside them. After looking a little more closely at the example page and some other pens from fellow campers, I realize I probably should have used a list element. Is this correct?

Again, any and all feedback appreciated. Thanks fellow campers!

On my phone, but thought I’d say the survey form looks bang on in my Samsung s9 :+1:

Thanks for the feedback!