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I posted my survey form, granted I did not put the exact titles/descriptions in but I have been fixing them as I go. I have a few X’s left to correct but some of them are contradicting the others. " Your #number should have an id element of #number and an attribute and value." Check done, next X, “Your #number should have an id of #number-label and a value.” One cancels the other

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Age: <input id=“number-label” type=“number” name=“age” placeholder="21"min=“10” max=“100” [0-9] maxlength=“3”/>

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Challenge: Survey Form - Build a Survey Form

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i didn’t understand you here.
What do you mean by ‘one cancels the other’?
They seem different to me.

What happens is one of the items in the check list want an id of #number with a.b.c. criteria the next wants an id of #number-label with similar criteria. If I change the id of one “name” to the other it marks the other as missing/incorrect. That is what I mean by cancels the other one out. I can’t have two ids with two different names performing the same function.

they are not asking you to add two different ids to the same element.
They are asking you to add different ids to -different- elements.
You need to read that more carefully I think?

  1. Inside the form, you can enter a number in an input field that has an id of number

So you will need an input field whose id is number for this one.
And then:

  1. For the name, email, and number input fields, you can see corresponding label elements in the form, that describe the purpose of each field with the following ids: id="name-label", id="email-label", and id="number-label"

They want these ids on the -label- elements (not the input!)

Ok, now I understand. It was confusing since the tutorial before hand asked for the labels and inputs to have “for” and “id” linking the elements.

Now I only have an X for 'All your checkboxes inside #survey-form should have a value attribute and value. ’
Again maybe I am missing something here: I removed the < > so the code was readable

label id=“survey-form” class=“checkbox” Who has the better conference? /label
label id=“survey-form” input type=“checkbox” id=“survey-form” class=“inline” value=“AFC” AFC /label
label id=“survey-form” input type=“checkbox” id=“survey-form” class=“inline” value=“NFC” NFC /label

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#survey-form is indicating an id, but I see multiple uses of that id in your code.
You need to make each id unique. So if one element has id survey-form, then no other element should share that id with it.

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I will try that next time. Thank you for all the help. I solved my issues. Sometimes there are not enough details/explanations to what these steps are asking to do

unfortunately when more detail is added, people ignore it and don’t read it (if you volunteer to help people here you will see how often people ignore instructions)

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