Survey Form Design Project

Heyooo, back with my second project! I think I’ve made sure not to make the same small mistakes I did on the first project.

Hey Chelly,

although I like the survey form,

I think - from a learning perspective - it would be a good idea to start projects from scratch.

When I delete some small stuff and rearrange it and check it into git, it seems you only changed the texts and some class names:

I think you will learn way more by trying to do the projects from scratch and only getting some small “inspirations” by looking at the fcc examples.

I totally understand people who try to finish projects and don’t want to “waste” time, because they want to become employable, get a job and so on. I also think that the projects and the community are a great way to learn the skills in a nice and friendly environment, so no need to feel embarrassed if your projects don’t look “professional”.

Would love to review your next project, maybe with a larger part of your own code :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, but you’re mistaken. I streamed both projects I’ve made so far live on Discord, starting both of them from scratch on my own custom pens and adding the test script in at the end to check things and make any adjustments to make sure all user stories were completed properly. I used if I ran into any trouble.

This survey took me 2.5 hours to complete with the only thing really referenced from the mock survey being the way the radio buttons and checkboxes were labeled to make the titles clickable as well. Any similarities in the class/id names are due to them being a required user story or a coincidence since most class names used are generic.

My original HTML/CSS would be very telling of that, but mods keep telling me that I need to format my HTML/CSS to make it look better, which makes it look like everyone else’s. I’ll stop doing that from now on.


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