Survey form feedback - newby

Hi, i would appreciate if you give me feedback on my survey form. I am completely new to programming, I have started studying it 2 weeks ago , please keep it in mind. Thank you!

My project:

Hello Alex,

Just checked your work, and I would say you did the layout not in correct way, it needs some dedicated time to fix.

Except the layout, I don’t see any other issue like non-associated label for input elements, no placeholders. Very good.

I suggest you start a new layout, but don’t add any page content(text, input, anything…) just layouting.

Give each container and section toy add(like div tag) a unique background color. and check if your page layout is responsive.

TIP: in codepen, select editing pane at the left, so it helps you to resize the preview panel, and you can confirm if your page is responsive in mobile nad all screen views too.

Once you got your responsive layout, add page content one-by-one and for each item yo uadd, make sure layout continue working.

I also recommend you have a quick read over this survey form challenge walkthrough article could help you about layouting.

Keep going on great work Alex, like to see some updates and great progress soon, happy programming.

Hey @NULL_dev, thank you very much for helping me with your feedback and advises. Thank you for providing article, I will read it and try to correct my errors in layout.
Meanwhile, I would appreciate if you could share some more examples of perfect layout and good-looking code. Could you also give me advise on how to improve my knowledge of HTML and CSS besides freecodecamp, maybe online courses?
Thank you

Glad I could help.

I wish I had more time to do some template coding, but I believe there are bunch of template layouts available online if you search and you will find some, but unfortunately not all of them coded simple and could come complex.

Hopefully there are too many online courses about HTML, CSS and generally web developing, if you ask me, I would say non of them could make you an expert except you by some hard working, too much practice and gaining experience. I suggest you stick with FCC, and try to complete the web projects as you go.

Sharing your work here is a good idea since other people see your work and feedback to you. It helps you to find out the issues and grab experiences.

Keep going on great work Alex, happy coding.


Just to add on to the feedback from @alexmosunov you may want to revisit the RWD Principle, Flexbox, and Grid sections of the FCC curriculum. These principles/tools are what you’ll want to use to improve your layout here. A major issue is the hard coded px values for everything. I’d suggest taking ideas from the 3 FCC sections I mentioned above.

Also, I would personally encourage using other resources alongside FCC to learn. Codeacademy has some good free courses that aren’t a huge time sink. Wes Bos offers a free CSS Grid course that is well worth the effort ( I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE!).

Good luck and keep up the hard work!