Survey Form Feedback (Please :) )

Hi, I completed the survey form project. I would really appreciate it if anyone would care to take a look at it and tell me how it could be improved. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello Dalton,

Seems you did some very fast code I think!

I believe your work indeed need some more work to make it great.

Itโ€™s not responsive, and also come with some common issues and mistakes. but itโ€™s ok.

I suggest you have a read over this survey form challenge walkthrough article, could help you I believe.

Once I get some good time, I will give another in detail review for you of course, but I suggest you go for the article talks most of my words.

Be patient, I suggest you code something else from zero.

Ask any question, or problem during your coding or about the article of course.

keep going on great work, happy programming.