Survey.Form Feedback

Hi everyone :slightly_smiling_face:
I finished my Survey Form project and if you can please check it out CodePen
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :upside_down_face:

Hey there @petarsrb! You’re project passes a lot of the requirements and you definitely understand the HTML and syntax of a survey form, so I applaud you!

One of the main goals of this project is to make it responsive. When I shrink my screen’s width to something like 350px, there’s a problem with your additional comments sections. You could also play around with the margin and padding of the elements on the page for some practice.

A couple syntax pointers in your HTML. You have a <p class="footer">. This tag can be changed to the <footer> tag, used exactly like your header tag for the Survey Form h1. You also have a <div class="main" which can also be changed to a simple <section> tag. It seems simple, but I saw you were organizing your end tags with comments </div> <!-- container --> so I thought using HTML5 syntax could help!

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Thank you very much on your feedback :beers:
You are absolutely right for using <section> and <footer> tags. It’s just bad habit of mine to use <div class="main">
Reason why I use comments for end of div is trying to make good habit of commenting on my code so when someone else see code can figure it out what is happening. And I don’t mean for you guys who understand all of this better then me, I meant it for uninitiated. Maybe it’s silly and I need to stop doing that. :thinking:

For additional comments section I had some problems with aligning text before additional comments section. So I gave that div height:80px; attribute and that’s probably reason why problem happens. I’ll try to fix that.

And again thank you very much for your feedback :beers: