Survey form looks good but the codes are showing errors

Kindly help me clarify any error in this survey-form code.
Here is my codepen link:

first eror:

<head id="title">
  <div id="outside">
    <form id="survey-form">
      <h1 id="title"> Dr. Jane Subscribers Review</h1> 

strange p
<p> <label> Source: <input name="source"> </label>How did you hear about <strong>Dr. Jane Female Healthcare Expert?</strong></label> <p>

and labels which is not matched and not closed…

HTML p tag (

Thank you. Must have missed that

Ohhhh thank you so much.

By the way, what could be wrong with this Checkbox tag? It seems to be overshadowing any code below it, just as the “Gender” element is not being showed in the code.
Here’s the code for the checkbox;

Preferred newsletter topic:

Yup , section is not closed…

Glad to help

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