Survey Form (Open Day)

Hi there

I would appreciate it if I could please receive some feedback regarding the survey form project I created.

I am a little concerned about the sizing of the survey form once it reaches 1000px or more. There’s a bit of clipping with the background image I choose as well.

I am open to any improvements suggested :slight_smile:


Looks great man! :boom: Only feedback I’d give is the suggestion box you might want to bring it up a bit for "aesthetic " reasons so it doesn’t overlap with the bottom border/footer of the page.

Yeah it Looks great.

Hey! Your survey looks good! A couple of places where your code could be indented better. Other than that everything looked great. Keep it up.

Hey Tom,

great job! :clap:

My ideas:

  • the form is responsive to the screen size, great work!
  • your HTML comments are good and give the code some structure
  • like you already mentioned, on a big screen the form is very wide
  • you can increase the overall readability of your page by adding some more spacing, e.g. between the different questions
  • you can get a code validation here by pasting your HTML code

Keep us posted!

Brilliant! Thank you for the feedback it goes a long way!

I read over the suggested improvements and made the following adjustments:

  • Added further spacing for increased readability.
  • Reduced the width of the form when in desktop mode.
  • I ran my code through the code validation and fixed a few of the problems that were outlined.
  • The comments section has reduced padding on the top, but more spacing between the label and the textarea element.
  • improved code indentation for better readability.

Please find the improved version of my project via the following link:

Thanks again!