Hi there! It’s me again. I just completed my “Survey Form” project. Can you please take a look and give me some feedback?
Be brutally honest! :wink:

not an expert by any means… also just completed my survey :wink:

“What do you like the most about our deliveries?”

your <option disabled value>Select one</option>

should be-> <option disabled value selected value>.

maybe add hover to the submit button :thinking: and maybe look for some yummy :yum: background picture. It makes a visually big difference, but responsiveness looks great at least from where I am looking. :+1:

Really basic but gets to the point, well done imo.

If you give your ‘form-box’ a min-width (maybe 275px) in the css things will never get too scrunched up.

I’d move h1 ‘title’ into the div ‘form-box’ but that’s just a personal preference.

Thanks a LOT!
Really appreciate it!

Thanks a LOT for the feedback!