Feedback 2nd Project Survey

Hi, i´d like to hear your opinion about my survey page.
Thankful for every kind of critics.


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I don’t have anything critical to say about your page. I love the simplicity and relaxing feel of it, overall a great page.

It looks good! Here’s a couple things I noticed:

The form gets really narrow when you shrink the window width all the way (to what it would look like on a phone). I’d recommend figuring out how to keep the form from shrinking past a certain size. When the screen is narrow, the submit button starts to “fall off” of your form.

The input for the phone number is required (good) but won’t let me input any number bigger than the number 9 (bad).

The “Enter Text” input at the very bottom could probably use a descriptive label indicating what it’s supposed to be used for.

Overall, I like your style (especially the subtle blue color on the completed inputs) and I think you have just a couple things to polish before you have a rock-solid, professional looking survey page

This is a really nice survey form! I like the background effect and the input animations you added. THey are really nice.

There seems to bee something wrong with your radio buttons. When I check “car” or “coach”, their background color is filled up and they become a blue circle. When I click on the “plane” button, it looks like this:


Instead of this:


Overall, you did an impressive job. This is one of the best survey forms I’ve ever seen.

Now the bottom input that says “Enter Text” right above the submit button shouldn’t have a value of “Enter Text”. It should have a placeholder of the indicated value.

Keep up the awesome work!

Hi, first of all thx for your feedback.
the nr. input is set from 0-9 so it should be possible to enter higher numbers.
I just set an placeholder for the comment.
i didn´t set any media querries. this i will probably start doing with next project.

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Hi Conner, thx for your feedback.
I changed the radio-buttons. There should be now everywhere a gap in.
And the Textarea, has an Placeholder now.
thx a lot.

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Great. Now it’s much better.