Survey Form Review please!

So here’s my take on the survey form project. I couldn’t get a few things how I wanted them so if you guys maybe could assist me in figuring out. I tried googling it and watching YouTube videos but nothing worked :confused:

  1. I wanted to customize the radio buttons. Have them larger, white and when checked it would be a purple dot.
  2. Same for the check boxes pretty much except a purple check.
  3. I am not sure if you can do it but the drop down menu for “What system is your favorite” I wanted to make it transparent. But I am happy with the black.
  4. The arrow on the drop down menu can you customize that or no? I couldn’t find anything on google about it maybe I was wording my question wrong.

Check these out. Google some more :wink:

I used both of these and I couldn’t get it to work. Maybe I need to just need to try it in a fresh project. Thank you though

The dropdown requires some JS. But radios and checkboxes are HTML/CSS only. What you’re essentially doing is hiding the default input element and building a custom span element on top of that. Try making one in a blank document. Then try implementing that into your form.

Thanks I got the buttons working in a separate project but after putting them into this project I didn’t like the way it looked so i decided to stick with the default ones.

I just came across this thread. Styling dropdown components (select) is always tricky. You can take a look at my step by step tutorial on how to create a custom select dropdown component.