Survey Project Need Feedback

How can I center this and make it better?

hey @kaiqueeber!

I just want to start off by saying that you did a great job with the colors and choice of fonts! In general, your code is pretty easy to read and I love that it gives a very clean look that really reminds me of google forms.

Here is a few areas I think you can improve upon:

  • Code

    • While the text was well written, the indentation was slightly strange (there were newlines and spaces in places that seemed pretty random) - consider using the “tidy code” feature
  • Layout

    • In general, there are 2 main parts to consider - spacing, and alignment.
      • Spacing: place elements that are related together. One place you can apply this is where your radio buttons that say “self-taught” and “college graduate”. Try placing them closer to “Education” rather than being of equal distance to the next header.
      • Alignment: You did a good job aligning all the text left. But you can further improve alignment on your page by allowing all your colons to vertically align, and by making your text and number inputs the same width.
  • Usability

    • You can further improve your survey page by allowing users to interact radio buttons and checkboxes by clicking on their labels. This is done by nesting the input element in the label element:
    <input type="radio" />
    Clickable Label

(this was briefly mentioned here:

Thanks for your feedback I really appreciate it. I got a question, how would I center my survey form to the middle of the page? it kinda went too down there at the bottom. How do I fix it?

do you mean vertically (top-bottom), or horizontally (left-right) ?