Technical. Document User Story #6

“User Story #6: The .main-section elements should contain at least 5 code elements total (not each)”

Having trouble with the wording. Does that mean any tags? Or some specific tags which I need to include?

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Yes, you have to use “code” tags at least 5 times in the project. I have linked a reference below:

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It does! Thanks so much!!

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@path.hurd, this is from StackOverflow;

HTML tags vs. elements vs. attributes

HTML elements

An element in HTML represents some kind of structure or semantics and generally consists of a start tag, content, and an end tag. The following is a paragraph element:

This is the content of the paragraph element.

HTML tags

Tags are used to mark up the start and end of an HTML element.


HTML attributes

An attribute defines a property for an element, consists of an attribute/value pair, and appears within the element’s start tag. An element’s start tag may contain any number of space separated attribute/value pairs.
The most popular misuse of the term “tag” is referring to alt attributes as “alt tags”. There is no such thing in HTML. Alt is an attribute, not a tag.

<img src="foobar.gif" alt="A foo can be balanced on a bar by placing its fubar on the bar's foobar.">