Technical Documentation feedback (ESP: ACCESSIBILITY)

Hey Everyone,

I’m looking for feedback on my Technical Documentation Project - especially (but not exclusively), let me know if there are changes I can make using HTML/CSS to increase the Meaningful Access of this page. Creating accessible sites is where my passion lies, but I know very little about how to make it happen, so I would appreciate any thoughts!


Thank you all in advance!
K :slight_smile:

Good job! Accessibility is an important but big topic. Good intuitive UI and UX is one of them and here are my suggestions.

  • Give some padding lefts to your nav items. They are too close to the edge of the page.
  • Use of good typography to give meaningful contexts. I would make each section headers bold.
  • Consistency. I would give even space up and down to your each code blocks.

Cheers :clap: Here are more resources.