Feedback on the Responsiveness and Accessibility of my Technical Documentation Page, Please

Hi everyone, after a lot of work I have finished my technical documentation page:

It took me a long time to get the navbar to be responsive, so it would be a big help if you could check that it all works the way it should.

I decided to do the page on HTML Accessibility because I’m really interested in HTML semantics, and I think that striving for accessibility is really important in web design. It would be pretty ironic if my page about HTML Accessibility wasn’t accessible itself! So please check if there’s anything that I can do to improve it. (I realize that there’s not much to make particularly accessible since there are no images, tables, or form elements. But I still want to make sure what I have is good.)

And of course feedback on any other aspect of the project is also very welcomed! Thanks everyone.


Dude this is awesome, the design is gorgeous and the code is flawless. I read everything and your page has some really solid advice. I especially love the section about writing good links because I think a lot of new developers could learn from that. Good luck with your future projects you seem to be really good at this

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Thank you so much! I am working hard, so I’m glad it’s paying off. :slight_smile:

Nice job. You did a really good job on the responsiveness of your tech doc!
your code text is a bit too heavy. try monospace light for its font.

Good idea on the font, thanks. Also thanks for checking the responsiveness!

Well done. it looks really good. I like it.

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