Technical Documentation Page - CSS


I have completed technical documentation project. Please find below the link.

It would be great if you could give feedbacks and suggestions.

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Good page, responsive and clear.
The color scheme though is a bit much, I think it will light up in the dark. I don’t think it’s the gradient but the choice of color. I would tone it down a bit. Good choice of fonts though.
Another thing I would change is the ‘main’ tag. The main tag is for the main content of the page but you have placed the entire page in the main tag and that renders it meaningless. I would place the navbar outside of it.
Your page works very well with the links and if you add ‘scroll-behavior: smooth’ your page will roll smoothly to each section which looks pretty cool.
When your page is displayed on a phone, it is nicely responsive but the lists are not centered. You can set the padding-left of the ul element and then the list will move to the left and feel more centered.



Thank you so much for the detailed review.
color scheme: I was not sure about that either.Will work on that.
‘main’ tag : I didn’t know that.I will change it.
‘scroll-behaviour’: Thank you , I will try this as well.
‘lists- not centered’ : Thank you , I didn’t notice it before.Will update it soon.