Technical Documentation Page - deleted buttons


The Test and Run Test buttons have apparently been deleted. How come? And what should I do?

Go to the javascript settings in your codepen and add this js bundle

Thanks for trying to help me. I pasted it in the JS and it didn’t work.

Into the js sections? Or did you go to settings in the upper right (the button with the cog) and copy and pasted the link?

I clicked on the cog button and pasted it into the JS section.

I dunno what to tell ya. How about pasting the link so I can mess with it?

it apparently works, but I gave you the wrong link. This is the right now to paste in. I must have given you an earlier version.

Don’t forget to select the correct test bundle though.

If it still doesn’t work, I’ve got little idea how to help you. Sorry.

Nvm, the first link is the valid link. Sorry for the confusion.