Technical Documentation page - getting only 9/16. Help please!

Hello Sir / Madam,

can you please help me solve my problem with getting all checks when testing my tech doc page? Here it is: I’m getting only 9/16 and I can’t figure it out and it makes me feel stupid.

i have already solved it ))

I can’t check using my phone, it keeps bringing me back to the top - maybe there is some issues with your responsiveness

but if you click on “Tests x/16” there will be written what is the user story and below it what’s wrong if the test is not passing

thank you. I figured it out. it’s passed the test on my laptop but i think responsiveness will remain an issue for now.

at least use the “Analyze HtML” and “Analyze CSS” tools offered by codepen - there are some things you should fix there

oh i didn’t know anything about those tings. thank you very much. I’ll try them now.