Technical Documentation Page Help

Hello there,

I’m currently trying to do this technical documentation page, but decided not to copy the content of the material.

I’m having problems with #4 and #13. I’ve tried pretty much everything I can find but I can’t seem to solve both of them.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Hi, and welcome.

You are really close, and the wording of the test has the answer for what it is looking for:

4. Each <section> element with the class of "main-section" should also have an id comprised of the <header> innerText contained within it, with underscores in place of spaces.

So it is looking for every section to look like: <section class="main-section" id="****">

You just need to move the id tags from the header and into the section tag to get the test to see them.

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I swear I did that last time and gave an error at #3. Anyway, that trick solved both of my errors! Thank you so much!


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