Technical Documentation pg Review


I would appreciate all suggestions on my Technical Documentation page.

Also I keep failing two tests related to my href’s on my navbar and I just can’t figure it out :thinking:. All my links work successfully and trying to isolate the issue

Technical Documentation Page

Nichelle, The site looks beautiful… Did you move your code anywhere but the codepen.

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Your Technical Documentation Page looks good! @Nreynolds1202
You might want to consider adding y-overflow: scroll; to your navigation tho.

Wrapping Up is not showing up at smaller widths. Other than that, good page!

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I pressed format code by mistake in codepen when I was trying to analyze my css

No that should probably be fine …

Screenshot 2022-04-07 4.19.52 PM

Screenshot 2022-04-07 4.18.17 PM

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I’m going through the code for small errors, and it looks like the opening and closing tags in certain places have been turned into Ampersand: < and >

Yes! So those symbols render as angle brackets in the browser. It was the only way to include them in the code sample.

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Correct. Since the greater than and less than characters have a special meaning in HTML, if you want to actually show those characters on the page then you have to use their entity codes, which you have done. The remaining error that the analyzer is showing is telling you that you missed one.


Ok, I’m dumb, I was just quickly reviewing, and not looking at the Context.

Sorry for raising the alarm, I wasn’t paying attention.

No worries! Figured out why I kept failing the last two tests too.

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What did you have to change?

I already said this, It’s a beautiful page.

This combination of the colors and accent colors, and the text choices look really good.

The Fjalla & the Noto Sans are a clean, good addition.

If someone told me, this was Designed by a Professional designer, I would not Question it.

I think the lemon yellow works really well, to set off the darkness of the page


Thank you so so much @ALLESS ! To pass the tests, I had to move the id to section instead of header .

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