Technical Documentation project feedback; markup or UI

Hi All,

Here’s my technical documentation project.

Almost 100 people have put their eyeballs on it (per Codepen stats) so I should probably get some feedback from you all! LOL.

I’m open to constructive criticism. But please, remember a human made this…


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It looks good on a screen below 816 pixels @KurtBrusselSprouts, but on anything larger there’s a horizontal scrollbar and the only way to read content is to continually scroll left and right.

@Roma Thanks for the feedback!

And this is a strange error. Couple questions:

So, to make sure I can duplicate your experience:

  1. What browser are you using?
  2. The main content section has a horizontal scroll bar, or the entire browser window?

@KurtBrusselSprouts, I’m on a MacBook Pro running Sierra. I see the horizontal scrollbar for the entire browser window on the latest Chrome and Firefox browsers when the screen width is greater than 816 pixels.

Very clean design! Maybe add navbar or hamburger/ accordion menu instead of scrolling through links!! Awesome Project!!! :vulcan_salute:

@Roma Ah! I see the error now.

If I use the horizontal scroll bar…the main content “jumbles” with the navbar. I think that’s an easy fix…

edit: The issue seems to have been a single CSS property-value pair on the #main-doc element. I had “position: absolute” which was unnecessary. I noted that property-value pair out of #main-doc…but it’s still in the codepen so anyone can see it.

FYI: This error is also in the sample document from the project. I think I just created a technical document project better than the example project everyone is doing! LOL. I should learn how to submit a pull request and update the curriculum here at FCC (yeah you know me)

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Thanks for the kind words!

I will consider adding that feature! Pretty sure that’s within my skill set…

Thanks again!