Technical Documentation Version 2

I completed my 4th project of Technical Documentation and would love to get some feedbacks and suggestions on the same😄 Here is the link:-

@preetirajak333 Wow ! Nice to see a lot of feedback being implemented.
html {
scroll-behavior: smooth;
Add the above to your CSS and you shall see the magic when you click on a nav link.

Good Job ! Cheers and Keep Coding !

Ohh thank you so much for this tips. I spent hours to find out how to make the nav section scrollable but couldn’t find the answer. Since I only knew about frameset which doesn’t work now in HTML5 so this tips are life saver. Thank you again. :smile:

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Nice work !! IMHO the images under the menu are unnecesary. The main purpose of the page is reading JS docs and the images only add “noise”. I mean, when your’re scrolling the images cath your attention, instead the text. That’s not good if you want ppl to focus in the docs, which is the main purpose in this case. The text must be the MVP.

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That’s a necessary point. Thanks a lot ! :smile:

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