Test not passing for correct code

Test not passing for Information Security with Helmet JS

Is it just me or someone else is also facing this problem. Even with correct code the test does not pass on the first try.

For example, for this Information Security with HelmetJS - Mitigate the Risk of Clickjacking with helmet.frameguard() part I had to click “I’ve completed this challenge” more than ten times, after which it passed. Sometimes, condition 1 would passed, sometimes 2 and sometimes neither of them.

Not just for this, every other lesson are also requiring 5-6 clicks to pass.

Welcome, giriramchandra.

This is not normal behaviour. Personally, I had no issues with the Information Security with Helmet JS section.

This sounds like an error with the connection between the freeCodeCamp tester and Glitch (are you using Glitch?).

If you are using Glitch, try this: before running each test, open up the Live Preview of your app, and ensure the app has woken up.

Hope this helps

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Yeah, I was using glitch. Finally when I started the later part of lesson requiring new glitch project it started passing in 1st try. So, what you said in the last part of your answer might be the reason.

@Sky020 Started to have problem with Quality assurance as well. Even after ensuring the app has woken up it is not passing on first try.

Keep trying to debug the issue. If you get stuck, and cannot research your way out, use the Ask for Help button on the challenge to create a pre-formatted post on the forum. Also, remember to link to your Glitch project url.

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Thank you for your time.

This is the sort of problem that I am having, challenge do not passes even when all condition passes. Just started having these problem today.

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The tests it is referring to are the tests run in your Glitch console. Not the tests shown in the screenshot below it.

You need to open your console, and see what errors are showing/which tests are not passing. Even from previous challenges.

Next try passed the challenges. Even without making any changes.

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