Test scripts not working in local development environment

You are correct about the template project on CodePen, but the link is not working locally in a local development environment. The documentation clearly states that is should work anywhere.

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I split this off the other thread, so we can figure out what might be causing you to have trouble with the link in your local development environment.

So I just tested the link on by putting it at the top of the document, the bottom of the head element, and the bottom of the body element and it works in my local development environment.

So my next question is, what does your local environment look like? All I am doing is opening an html file on my Chrome browser viewing the page.

Next, I took the same html which includes the test script and uploaded it to a web server which is serving http vs https to test if using a non-secure site to run the test scripts caused any trouble. Still, the testing module worked without any trouble.

When you insert the cdn link and view a page, do you get any errors showing in the browsers console when loading page. Also, , do you see the hamburger menu on the top left side? If you do see it, what happens when you click Run Tests for a particular project?

Lastly, what browser are you using?

I used the link you provided and it DID work! I think there may have previously been a disconnect on the github README.MD, since it looks right now. Thanks