Test Suite Help: Tribute Page Project

Hello Everyone,

I am currently working on my Tribute Page Project, however, I cannot seem to get the test suite to work (despite trying many fixes I found on the forum).

Is anyone able to run a test for me so that I can submit my project?
Alternatively are there any fixes that might get the JS Test suite to work?

I keep getting the ‘#mocha div is missing’ error - and when I add it into the html, I don’t get any meaningful test output.

OS: Windows 10
Browser: Chrome

Thank you! :slight_smile:

edit: oops - here is the codepen link…
(ignore the color scheme - its a work i progress!)

Something might be blocking the test script. Try running in Incognito mode or maybe try using Firefox.

You can also try moving the script to the settings instead. Just copy the link and click the Settings button, add it to the JavaScript tab in one of the boxes at the bottom. Now remove it from the header on the page.

BTW, you are passing all the tests.

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Thanks lasorg - I can work on the color scheme now! I will try incognito mode - I haven’t done this. It was working fine with my Survey Form project. I’ll update with results.

EDIT: Incognito mode worked on Firefox but not Chrome