Testing: Tools, Tutorials, T'resources

I’ve been tech job boards and most of the listings ask for experience with testing, which unless I’m missing it, I haven’t seen any courses on in FCC. What are some tools, tutorials, and resources that I can use to gain experience and knowledge with building tests and testing in general?


@ChadKreutzer I would first choose your favorite programming language and look at its testing framework and play around with it. This might also be helpful https://testanything.org/ I’ve seen this implemented in multiple programming languages.


If you want a test framework that is compatible with FCC curriculum (nodejs) then I suggest the mocha test framework. Here are some tutorials for mocha:

unit testing node js tdd

practical tdd js


I’ve just been noticing the same thing in job ads and looking into this myself the last couple of days. I found this video the one that made it make most sense for me so far: https://youtu.be/Q8Jl85FJz4E although I’ve watched lots of various node testing videos.

I’ve been playing with mocha and chai and been able to set up simple tests for some simple functions, but couldn’t make the bridge between doing that and actually writing new tests for something like my already existing time microservice.


Thanks for those links. I’ll check them out. (Sorry, I couldn’t respond last night cause of that 20 post max on your first day thing.)

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Node js testing kindly help