Tests running on code shows incorrect

on the last stretch and have done the correct it seems? after running the test the test says incorrect

Please update your topic title to something that reflects the problem you need help with and move the Codepen url to the body of the topic.

Also, which test are you having trouble with? What are you trying to do that is not passing as you think it should?

the test says i am doing the id title with string inccorect along with the div image that needs to have img id of “image” which i did and a text caption for the image is incorrect.

what project are you doing?
you have not said so

 <div id="img-div" img id="image" src="https://i.pinimg.com/474x/3f/f3/03/3ff303de2631aa316ed5c5c408529d57--cat-animals.jpg" alt="cat"</div>

You have not properly closed your opening div with id=“img-div” and you have not properly created an image element. You are not using the correct syntax for an image element. I suggest reviewing this challenge for how to create image elements.

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tribuyte page for do it yourself

i have just done now what you’ve said closed it with a and then did the syntax for the image source

it still says tests not passed

i have close the div element
i have changed the syntax

it says test not passed

You still have not fixed the issues I first pointed out. You may need to go back through the Basic HTML section again, as you do not seem to understand how an opening tag of an element should look. Also, image elements are self-closing and do not have a closing tag like you have added.

its still evades me and not striking any recall

Then I suggest going back through the Basic HTML section again. This is basic stuff that you must understand before moving on to the projects.

no, i get it, really. all the html curriculum its just that the activities have us only get the basics and thats all iknow

i went through it like you said and nothing strikes me as something i didnt get

Do you know what an opening div tag and a closing div tag look like? If so, reply back showing me.

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<div> </div>

div isn’t self closing ,is that right

Above, you have correctly created a div element. Your Codepen does show a properly formatted opening div tag, with the exception that you have a img attribute with no value assigned which should not be there. Also, the div element should only have a single id attribute. You have two. Where does that id="image" really belong?

And yes, div elements are not self-closing (they have a closing tag).

if i do so the following code is seeming to miss something since in the test run says i need to set div with a div id

Your div element has the text id="img-div" img id="image" showing in it. Where does an id attribute go in an element? If you do not know, then you really should complete the entire Basic HTML section again before proceeding any further.