Text not lining up correctly even though all is the same

Hi there,

So I have a problem in which for some reason my text is not lining up correctly when being displayed on my browser (Checked with Brave(Chromium Based) and Firefox). I’ve checked the CSS code and HTML code, they are all consistent with each other including “h7” which is where the problem is at. The text for “h7” which is “Contact” is supposed to be displayed underneath the image but is instead being displayed on the right side of the image from the perspective of the user.

Could anybody help me resolve this as I don’t know what is wrong and not sure what to do.

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Hi umeshamin,
generally there are 6 headline tags. (see: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Element/Heading_Elements)

If you want help with the details of your project, it would be helpful if you post a live demo. (e.g. codepen, jsfiddle …)

There is no <h7> tag in HTML, only <h1> through <h6>.