Thank You for the Free Education

const Me = {
 family: 'happy husband of a happy wife and proud dad of twin boys, 3 yrs old now',
 work: 'away from home and from my country as Construction Engineer,',
 objectives: [
  'come back and work in my home country, be with my family',
  'get a programming a job of any language because I badly wanted to code!!!'

I have a degree in Electronics but don’t know what I want in my career until I code a Turbo C script and run it successfully during my 5th year in college. Yes, I want to be a programmer. But a good paying job offered to me, it’s outside the country and it’s not programming related. I accepted it and the rest is history.

During my stay in Vietnam working as Construction Engineer, I found a small window of time to learn something new and guess what, it’s my first love, programming.

  1. I started here at codecademy, finished HTML/CSS and Javascript free courses. And I will always recommend those courses, they are like 300mg appetizers to a ton of meal.
  2. Then I read HTML/CSS and JS books from Mr. Mark Myers. These books are more on hands-on training and provided me good practices to familiarize syntax of JS, HTML, and CSS.
  3. I feel confident and try Angular JS, I failed. Actually, I forgot how I failed, all I remember is I told myself “this thing is maybe not for me”.

After quitting I go back to my old ways overnight gaming, more than 3 hours on youtube watching random stuff and TV series marathon. Out of nowhere, I open a new chrome tab and search this on Google “best way to learn web development” and end up in this Hacker News post.
A user named ‘metasean’ wrote that his/her goto recommendation is FreeCodeCamp and that marks my first day with FCC.

I haven’t finish FCC yet, I am three projects away from claiming my first certificate. But after completing Javascript Calculator project I created an Upwork (a freelancing site platform/site) account, the reason is I just want to find out what are latest technologies used by companies and clients. Two days after creating and updating my account, listing React and Redux as my skills I got invited for an interview thru Skype. The interview lasted for 30 minutes and until now I am so thankful I passed that interview.

Together with three other developers, we created Taimingu a zero fee job marketplace. We used React - Redux framework for frontend and Node-Express-MongoDB stack for the backend. I hope you guys support us by creating an account, thanks in advance.

Last May 31, 2017, my contract with the Vietnam project ended and need to go back to the Philippines and finally look for a Web Development job and at the same time Taimingu was launched so my freelance job is also done by that time.

I am locked and decided that my next job will be a development job. Thankfully, I was invited for another interview and this time for regular Senior Web Developer in my home country. I got it, this coming July 5 is my first day in the office.

Books and links I used as supplements during my FreeCodeCamp time:

  1. Eloquent Javascript
  2. You Don’t Know JS Book Series -
  3. I follow Sir Eric Elliot and read all his JS related articles on medium.
  4. MPJ’s Funfunfunction Youtube Channel
  5. React Docs (I read it fives times but not it’s necessary for everyone)
  6. Redux Docs - (I read it twice and review whole code in Github)
  7. Mozilla Developer Network (I keep on reading a particular API until I understand it)
  8. Maybe he doesn’t know, but my JS idol is Sir Kyle Simpson, I follow him wholeheartedly.

Interview information on my Web Development jobs:

Taimingu Interview Questions (Freelance and remote)

  1. Explain JS’ asynchronous nature.
  2. Why is Node.js fast?
  3. How to make your Node-express app faster?
  4. Explain React

SM Investment Corp Interview Questions (Local regular job application)

  1. How deep is your ES6 knowledge?
  2. When to use var, let and const?
  3. Explain Redux, why we are using it.
  4. Do you know GraphQL?
  5. Do you know React Native?

Kindly google for the answers. For now, I need to prepare for the new job.

Thank you Team FreeCodeCamp for the free education.


Congrats! It’s always nice to hear that someone has leveraged this amazing group of volunteers and workerBee’s to help further affordable coding education…


Awesome! Congratulations on all your progress, and on creating Taimingu, which looks amazing!

Please keep us update on your progress with your job search, and good luck finding investors for Taimingu!