Thank you for this site

Just joined this site a couple of days ago. Having absolute 0 percent experience in coding/ programming, freecodecamp seems to be a treasure trove!
I think it is great that all these resources are free to use and I would like to thank the non-profit that is behind this site. It’s probably telling of the character of this organisation, but I can’t find any contact-options, other than the forums.
So I would like to thank in this roundabound way anyone who is responsible for maintaining this site, so far it’s been absolutely pleasurable!
It is just awesome that all these resources are made available. Unfortunately I’m not able to contribute to this comunity in a pecuniary way at this moment, but I hope to be able to in other ways.
Again, thanks for anyone who makes this site possible!

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I started on khan academy. It’s so understandable, but I finished all of khan’s programming. So I started freecodecamp

Thank you for your kind words. Free Code Camp is built, maintained, and supported mostly by community volunteers, so by posting here you are contacting the people who make the thing you love.