Thanks FCC - I got my first job as a front-end developer!

Congratulations! What motivated (and gave me perspective) the most was how hard you worked at getting a job. I’ve recently started working to make my portfolio as beautiful and full as possible before I dive in and start looking for jobs. The fact that you were applying to over 5 jobs a day gives me a good idea of how hard I have to work to get my name out there in the hopes that somebody latches on. Your story is similar to mine…graduated engineering LOVE problem solving and math but the industry itself (unless you’re in automotive or aerospace) seems rather lack luster. In addition I live in dublin where the mechanical jobs aren’t as plentiful as in many US states. Good luck with the job and I’m sure we’d love to hear about your experience once the position starts (i.e. what did you feel confident on, what do you wish you knew more about prior to starting…etc.)

Cheers GK


That’s wonderful! I’m still trying to find my first Dev job and stories like this help keep me going. Thanks for sharing!

Congratulations! and thanks for this, Wish you all the best

Congrats! Its very encouraging to hear this stories!

Physics. Took me about a year to realize that totally wasn’t where I wanted to be. Fortunately requirements were lax, so I was still able to finish enough courses outside physics to get the master’s degree. :smile:

Congrats! This is so exciting!!!

The information was really helpful! Thanks for the Odin hookup too, just signed up, I like the way its explaing things so far. I have reached the algorithms section here on fcc and feel confused. I decided to pause on that for a second, finish doing my personal website, and really get good at css and html. Fcc is great, but i have just added Dash (general assembly’s free guide) and now Odin! I like Dash and Odin because you get to build more stuff. FCC is great for thinking like a developer, but I think I really like seeing what the code does while I do it. Fcc stops doing that after you make the cat i think. Then I’m like.?? lol

Side note: is there anything wrong with using codepen? I had no Idea you needed a development environment until a few weeks ago.

Congrats on your amazing accomplishment. It’s tough sometimes to keep going and moving forward on coding. Life is such a distraction at times. At times i just don’t have enough 'brain juice" in the day to get home and spend time coding…especially since i work in QA for a software company.

Congrats again and keep on coding.

Same thing for me. I ADORE FCC; however, sometimes I just want to build and not learn. So I am often taking breaks between FCC exercises and watching cool code-alongs from Udemy. It’s awesome to hear you haven’t even finished FCC yet because for a while, I thought I had to do that and being only able to dedicate 5-10 hours a week to coding felt like such a mountain to climb.

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Congratulations, You make it

This was such a tremendously inspiring read. Thank you!

I’m an absolute beginner at coding. I’ve been playing around with FCC for, oh, about five days now. I have a couple of degrees in journalism and communication and I’m currently teaching English in Japan doing copywriting on the side, but I felt like I needed something else to beef up my skillset. So far, I’m really loving coding! I have previously launched a community news website for my tiny hometown in NZ, which helps a bit too.

Well, congratulations on your new job, and nicely done on sticking to your guns on the pay situation! That’s awesome. You’re awesome. :smiley:

What a wonderful post!

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What is the average salary for a junior dev in usa? How big is your company? Congrats for our new start!!

Congrats! That shows dedication. I am the type of person that has a million new ideas flying into my head ever hour, what if I do this, what if I try that? and so far, coding has been the most stable. No matter how frustrated I get with it I always come back to it after I give my brain a night or two off to digest. Sounds like it was meant for you as well! Good job!


Congratulations! Really happy for you and thank you for sharing your progress. This is great motivation to keep going and soldier on when the going gets tough with code!

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Congratulations, that is awesome! Thanks for sharing your tips and advice. I’m curious about why you considered setting up a local environment one of the foremost important pieces. Is there a particular way you’d recommend setting up a local environment?

Thank you for sharing your story with the rest of us. Best of luck with your new job.


Inspiring! Your suggestions are real and practical. Hope I will get there one day.

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I am new to code also new to freecodecamp too i want to learn code too.
I want to know how many language that need for front-end or web design?
Please share me. (:smile:

I’d love to check it out - definitely PM me the link! :grinning:

It’s posts like these that give me hope.

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