The "coding interview university" course from FCC's medium blog?

I’ve been looking over the Coding Interview University ( course, I think the FCC medium blog called it for a while the Google interview university, and a lot of the stuff seems really new and unfamilar to me. It’s stuff I haven’t thought about in the past. I’m starting with the CS50 course on edX to hopefully get an introduction and grasp on these things. Is it normal to be confused about these things? It seems way different than what I’ve learned from Javascript and Elixir.

Well there is a ton of content there. What was it you thought was new to you?
Can you narrow it down?

I mean in the middle it says:

You don’t need all these. You need only one language for the interview.

Ok, I have read more of this now and you definitely don’t need all this just to get hired.
I have never used a linked list before in a professional capacity but it is a technique which it would be nice to know. I only own a couple of books, I prefer online resources like videos and courses.
This looks like more content that my 3 year degree course! :open_mouth: If I were you I would pick out bits you want to try but certainly don’t go through the whole thing. Total waste of time.
As far as sorting algos go. I doubt you will have to create one of those. Maybe in 1991 it was good to learn but not today.

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Any other thoughts, answers, or comments to my question?

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Hi, did you send as a private DM or mention me in a channel, looking for your message right now, I’m not on gitter very often these days.

Apologies. I messaged you a while ago (Dec '17). Did you pick anything out to study?

I have seen many sorting algorithm questions in interviews in the past year. You are not going to be developing sorting algorithms on a job, but they want you to be familiar with how they work and understand the time and memory complexity of each. This is more applicable to non-web development jobs, but I have seen a few of them on Full Stack Developer positions.

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