HackerRank just released a Cracking the Coding Interview Tutorial

The tutorials contains videos by Gayle Laakmann McDowell that accompany the coding challenges… check it out!


So you wouldn’t recommend this tool before the “do I know enough to get a job doing this” point? Why not?

I know the question was not directed at me, but I did enough of the course so I think I can comment.

I think that the videos are really good in explaining the basics, but they are taught using java. Coming from JS, I think that I was able to follow along. I helps to follow along with pen and paper. Listen, so that you can apply the approach using Java Script.

While this course contains one question per topic, if you check out the domains for data structures and algorithms, Hacker Rank has tons of practice for each topic.

Try to refactor the algorithms challenges you completed on FCC, keeping in mind time and space complexity, to produce more efficient solutions.

Overall, I believe that the course is quite valuable. As you learn the concepts, your approach to algorithmic questions should change.

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Also, Interview Cake has really good explanations using javascript. Check out the glossary for explanation of some of the (tho limited) concepts.


Very cool, I signed up! I posted my Javascript solutions for Cracking the Coding Interview on GitHub if you’re looking for a reference

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I’ve never used this site – It’s just a signup form. Where would I look for this? Thanks.

^^ that’s the link. But once you create an account, it may be accessed by clicking “domains”, then “tutorials”, and and you should see it there.

You may have to get used to the CTCI environment - the answers are usually outputs to the console instead of returns.

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Thx @P1xt. I’m now working on these challenges and finding it useful ;).

Just curious, what makes you think that there are so many of “frontend cert and out ASAP” folks at FCC? Is it a trend you see through being active on the forum?

Thx @tgreenidge, I’ll dive in then :).

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Thx for the insight, I appreciate :wink:

Thank you so much, @tgreenidge for this link! I was always confused about Big O but this article saved me. Its really simple to understand now. Time to implement it in real scenarios. Thanks, again :slight_smile:

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